Guaranteed 4.0 started as a business accidentally. While Donna O. Johnson was working on her Bachelor of Science degree in chemical engineering from the University of Texas-Austin, she was elected as the national chairperson of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), with responsibility of a $3 million budget and a staff in Washington, DC. Donna O. was in full-time, senior-level classes and working for a dean in the engineering school, who feared that the work load would be too much.

The dean told Donna O. that she needed a plan – and Donna O. went to work immediately on that plan. In true engineer fashion, she designed a series of successful techniques to make learning easier. That semester, Donna O. received all A’s as a senior majoring in chemical engineering , kept her job, and the following summer, taught her first Guaranteed 4.0 seminar at the NSBE’s National Leadership Conference.

“After graduation, I studied learning theories and cognitive psychology and learned why the 4.0 system would work for everyone – not just me,” Donna O. says. “The average person remembers only 10 to 30 percent of what they read. We can increase reading retention to 80 to 90 percent using our advanced BPR method.”

Following college, she joined Amoco Corporation (now BP) and held various engineering and management positions. She continued to present Guaranteed 4.0 seminars upon requests from across the country and volunteered significant hours at her church in her ‘spare time.’ After juggling three almost-full time jobs for many years, she made the decision to go full time with the Guaranteed 4.0 Learning System.

“When I was nine years old, I told my mother I wanted to travel, make speeches and help people,” Donna O. says. “I thought that meant being a politician, but now I know I was meant to travel, present seminars and change the world one student at a time.”

Ya-Chin Chen has first-hand experience with the success of the Guaranteed 4.0 Plan. The learning system helped her to transform her GPA from a 2.2 to a 4.0 during her first semester in college. She finished her degree in architecture with a 3.85 GPA from the Illinois Institute of Technology and earned her MBA with a 3.9 GPA while working full time and taking a full load of classes. Ya-Chin joined the Guaranteed 4.0 team to share the principles of success that had benefited her so well, both academically and professionally. Ya-Chin is co-author ofGuaranteed 4.0 and Guaranteed 4.0 curricula, as well as co-producer of training DVDs and on-line courses. She is currently the director of strategicplanning and oversees Guaranteed 4.0 operations in Asia and Africa.

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